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Plantation Media provides quality web design and hosting services for Statesboro, Savannah, and around the world. We concentrate on local and regional projects and deliver complete custom solutions designed around your needs.

We study your business and build your web presence from the ground up to match the attitude, personality, and professionalism you've created with your brick and mortar business.

Whether you need a basic information site to introduce yourself to new people and keep your current customers up to date, or an extensive application including e-commerce or database integration, we have the perfect solution for you.


All sites are hosted on our state of the art Dual Xeon servers which deliver consistent 99.9% uptime and lightning fast response. This means your visitors will enjoy a pleasant experience rather than lagging response and "page not found" errors. Servers are monitored by live staff 24 hours a day to correct any problems immediately to minimize downtime when problems do occur.

We also optimize your site for desirable search engine placement. Many parts of the site you don't see can be more important than the parts you do. We study major search engine habits and help you enjoy top level results through back-end programming.

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